12 Days of Christmas Day EIGHT




Everything Country Froggy 100.3


is celebrating the


Froggy Days of Christmas!





On the 8th Day of the


"Froggy" Days Of Christmas


your true love could give you:




A $250 gift card from the Great Escape Lodge!





Enjoy a family package that in addition


to endless splashing in White Water Bay,


now includes hours of game play fun with


Adventure Trek: Quest of the Guardians…


participants will enjoy a scavenger hunt type


mission throughout the lodge..  




Head to the Lodge for your Getaway and


log on to www.sixflagsgreatescapelodge.com


First Name:
Last Name:
Mailing Address:
Phone number:
E-Mail Address:
Birth Date:



Remeber to listen at 4:45pm to hear


if Chris O'Neil announces your name!  


If he does, you'll have 10 minutes to


call the studio at


615-1003 to claim your prize.  





If you don't we'll select another name


and repeat the process til we find


a winner! 




If you win, you’ll also receive a


Christmas tree from the Garden time


in Queensbury! 


Email Me!