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Everything Country Froggy 100.3 wants you to show us your rack…No not that, your DEER rack! When you’re out there with your rifle and you get your deer, Froggy 100.3 wants you to share a picture of you with your buck now filling out the form and submitting a picture below! It doesn't matter if you have the biggest buck or not, just share a picture of you with your buck and you could score a $250 gift card from Zack’s Sports of Round Lake and $150 towards your trophy at Jeff’s Taxidermy of Schaticoke!

Please note that the picture must be legit and show you with the deer. 

Regular Rules apply

All form fields are required.  All photos uploaded to the system must be 3mb or less or the system will not be able to process your entry.



Here's who decided to Show Us Their Rack:

Everett Mattison of Whitehall with his 180 pound 10 point buck

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