Memorial Day




We encourage you to show your support for all our heroes who have served and sacrificed for our country and continue that tradition to help protect our country and freedoms! Make sure your hero is recognized by filling out the form below!
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Captain John Broderick is from Watervliet and has been serving in the Army Reserves since 1991. He served in Iraq from 2005 to 2006. John was born October 1st 1972


Staff Sgt. Mike Broderick of Watervliet has been serving in the NYS Army National Guard since 1998 and was in Iraq from 2008 to 2009. Mike was born December 22nd 1971.


Spc Paul Ostrander of Glens Falls served in the 4th Infantry Division of the Army and was over in Iraq from 2003 to 2004. Paul was born August 11th 1980.

SFC Anthony Wilkinson is a Marine from Waterford who served on the front lines during the Vietnam War. Anthony was born August 20th 1948.


EOCN Mychael Flint is a USN from Fort Ann who served with the Amphibious Construction Battalion 1 from 2009 until 2011. He sacrificed his life as he was preparing and training at Camp Pendelton, California. Mychael was born January 17th 1990.


Lance Corporal Benjamin Bartholomew is a Marine from Benson, VT. Benjamin was born April 2nd and served from 2004-2008.


MM2 (SS) E-5 Jim Williams from Glens Falls is a member of the Navy (Submarine Service). Jim was born on November 2nd 1951 and served from November of 1975 through July of 1984.


PFC Greggory Ryan of South Glens Falls serving in the Army under Charlie 1-69 company.  Greggory was born January 20th, 1989 and saw action in Afghanistan.


SP4 Ron Fish of Lake Luzerne served in the Army/National Guard under the 210th Armory from 1974-1983. Ron was born February 11th 1957


Private 1st Class Christopher Lang of Corinth currently serves in the U.S. Army under the 82nd Airborne, 18 fires unit. Christopher was born July 27th 1993.

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