Everything Country Froggy 100.3 has teamed up with the McDonalds of the Greater Glens Falls Region…Team Reardon to present Class retreat!

Your kids and their classmates work hard at school and this is an opportunity to reward them to an after school snack at McDonalds!

The kids will enjoy wholesome snacks including apple slices, Gogurts, fruit and yogurt parfaits, milk and smoothies. So tell us about your kid and their class and why they deserve this retreat now at froggy one zero zero three dot com and every Friday this month during the Froggy High Five with Chris O’Neil one kid and his class will be chosen at random to enjoy a retreat and wholesome snack at the McDonalds of the Greater Glens Falls Region.

(Disclaimer) Restrictions apply, prize is good for no more than twenty people, limited time offer. 

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Evening Phone:
What is your kid/student's name?:
E-Mail Address:
Birth Date:
What school does he/she go to?:
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Why does your kid and their class deserve this?:
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