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Hello Everyone! 


It's Kate!  I hope all is well with you.  I'm doing good.  Thinking about getting my garden ready soon and hosting some Tomatoes, eggplant, zucchini and squash.  Plus we do Peppers, cucumbers and new this year...  beans!


It's funny how our interest change as we get older.  I used to love nightclubs and sleeping in...   Now, I'm to bed by 9pm, up by 4am... and hang in the garden or a friends house!   I used to play drinking games...  Now I play Uno or Sony Playstation! haha.  


Definitely looking forward to seeing some GREAT shows this summer/fall.


Dixie Chicks, Toby... Zac and Blake are my top picks this summer!  Thanks to the great powers that be here at Froggy I'm hoping to have a chance for a meet and greet this summer too!   All this got me thinking... If I have a chance to meet Blake and do a Meet & Greet Photo, I want that photo to brag and show off with, right?  I mean it isn't every day you get to meet Blake, or Willie or LeAnn Womack... :)   So I will be getting the hair done up, and my fat ass to the gym! haha!  Seriously though...  


I Kate Sullivan, solemnly swear to get my ass to the YMCA for Zumba and Cardio Workouts.  It's better for my health, my life and my Blake Shelton Meet & Greet photo!  So...    My meet n Greet photo is my why.    (Heart Association Friends get that one).   So much comes and goes in the blink of an eye... I used to sit home and let a lot pass by.. ( I don't feel like it, or ... I just wanna sit here)  NO MORE!  


Something woke up inside of me this winter, ok... so what actually happened was I actually considered "is radio really for me?"  "Do people want me around still"...   and turns out, they do!  Most of them anyway.  So from that point on I decided to just do it.  DON'T miss a concert you've wanted to see, just cause you're tired...  DON'T stay home and sit in the living room....  Go to the Farmers Market, Go to LARAC, Don't miss Americade,  See as many fireworks shows that you can, go to the Downtown Festivals... Get out.. Walk, just get out!   


It isn't easy to do this, we all struggle, but I'm just sick and tired of struggling and it's my time to make it all change.  So, wish me luck... Drop me those encouraging words...  I need them too ya know! ;-)     




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