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Hello Everyone!  It's Kate Sullivan, host of the Froggy Morning Buzz each weekday from 6am-10am.  

June is Dairy Month, What is your favorite dairy item?   

Ice Cream... and cheese sauce on my fries! 


Now that summer is here what activity are you hoping to do this summer? 

tubing with a floatable cooler!  


Do you sunburn, tan or Freckley in the sun?  

Where I Don't Freckle... I Burn!


Barbecue season is here and we know a lot of people are grilling!  What do you love to cook on the grill the most?  

Steak and Kabobs


If you won $50, would you spend it?    

Pay off my student loan debt and buy a house.


What is your favorite animated movie of all time?  

Anything Produced or directed by Mayazaki or Sylvain Chomet...


Tell me something about yourself that most people don't know.   

I have two different color eyes...its called Hetrochromia


What is your favorite candy?  

Starburts, Twizzlers, and anything chocolate!


If you woke up to a fire in your home, ASIDE from family, friends and pets, what item would you try to grab if there was time?  

My photos and jewelry


Finish this sentence:   When I was growing up, I wanted to be a ....   


Waitress... I wanted to by like my mom, then i wanted to by like my 3rd grade Teacher, Donna Vogel!



The Morning Buzz is a country music intensive morning show, focusing on country music news, our community and communicating with our listeners.   I've been with the Froggy Family since 2004 and started cohosting the Morning Show with Ken Edwards!  Throughout the yearsI have been involved with many local charities including Operation Adopt A Soldier, The American Heart Association, Literacy of Neny, The Cancer Services Program at GF Hospital, and The Walk to End Alzheimers!   I love getting out into the community and attend the fun events and fundraisers!  

Coming up the Froggy Morning Buzz will have great prizes, Like Rascal Flatts Tickets, Luke Bryan Tickets, Jason Aldean Tickets... etc.    This is going to be a Great Summer with Froggy 100.3!  

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