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Hello Everyone!  It's Kate Sullivan, host of the Froggy Morning Buzz each weekday from 6am-10am.  


1.   What Muppet character do you think is most like you? Animal or Miss Piggy (there's a lack of a filter on them both!)


2.   With all of the summer concerts in the region this summer are you planning on attending any shows?  I WAS planning on Rascal Flatts!


3.   Of all the small towns you have driven through, visited or come across....   What Town would you like to live in? Greenwich, it has tons of charm, everything you need and centrally located between VT, Glens Falls and Saratoga


4.   Fast Food isn't that good for you, but if you were dining out for "FAST FOOD"  where would you go and what would you get? Wendy's Potatoe, or Subway! 


5.   Which are you most likely to be seen at in August?  The Washington County Fair, the Saratoga Racecourse, or The Great Escape? The Great Escape!  If it wasn't for the parking I'd go everyday!


6.   How has your summer been so far?  What's been the best about it? Like most, mY summer is FLYING by!!   The Best Part so far was my anniversary.  The Perfect Date, the Perfect Meal with the Perfect Person! 


7.   If you had the "musical chops" to do a professional duet with another country music artist... Who would you sing with? Blake Shelton


8.   There are so many reality competitions out there...   The Voice, Top Chef, Bachelorette, American Ninja Warrior.....  What reality show do you wish you had the talent to compete on? TOP CHEF


9.  Speaking of Reality Competitions...  Shark Tank discovers lots of new ideas...  There are a ton of inventions that have made our life easier...   What invention would you like someone to create? A Way to Rub Lotion on my back!


10.  If you could go anywhere on vacation?  where would you go?  To the moon!  (ok.... so I'd go to Key West...)


The Morning Buzz is a country music intensive morning show, focusing on country music news, our community and communicating with our listeners.   I've been with the Froggy Family since 2004 and started cohosting the Morning Show with Ken Edwards!  Throughout the yearsI have been involved with many local charities including Operation Adopt A Soldier, The American Heart Association, Literacy of Neny, The Cancer Services Program at GF Hospital, and The Walk to End Alzheimers!   I love getting out into the community and attend the fun events and fundraisers!  


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