The Froggy Morning Buzz




LARAC is coming, so I'm saving my cash!  I love the jewelry and pottery there, and hey, it only comes once a year!   Besides, you know most of us go for the food.  I can remember going for the Strawberry Shortcake alone.   I also love to shop at the Zonta Fair, they have great talent set up in the lot there as well, and seeing they are next door to LARAC!  Soon Graduation Parties will be here and the summer will be in full swing with Fourth of July, which by the way is on a Friday!  I'm hoping to get to do some Strawberry Picking this summer, a Day at the Beach, and check out the Farmers Markets I HAVEN'T been to yet, like Chestertown, Warrensburg, and believe it or not... I haven't been to the Glens Falls Farmers Market in years!  Plus, I can't wait to have some fun this summer at one of my favorite spots... The Painted Pony, and ooooo...  The Great Escape, I need a day of being a big kid and hitting up my favorite things like the Desperado Plunge, Ragin' River, and yes... I still Love the Swan Boats.  They're the only original ride from the opening days of Storytown... and that was 60 years ago this summer! :)

New for me this summer is my garden.  Wish me luck because I have NO IDEA what I am doing!   I've got Tomatoes, Peppers, cucumbers, eggplant, squash, and zucchinis!  Can't wait to see it all come to life! :) I got my plants this year at The Garden Barn.  It was the first time I'd met Cindy and her family... what a great place.  I'd love to get a gift certificate to there to buy home decore.  Great furniture too!  Yup... can you tell I'm a fan?  

Maybe it's because I love the mornings, but my favorite meal is breakfast.  Now pay attention, because I didn't say I liked MAKING breakfast, I said I liked EATING breakfast!  Eggs Benedict with hollandaise and homefries... yummy!  I can't wait to chow down some of that!

ok... well... I"m off for now.  I talked myself into the Eggs Benedict with hollandaise... and am headed to the Silo or maybe Ginny Raes..   Well, that's it for now!  I'm a woman of simple words! :)  

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