Around the holidays we always try and remember those less fortunate than ourselves. Everything Country Froggy 100.3 has teamed up with Walmart

to bring the Holidays to Senior Citizens in Nursing Homes and Senior living centers!!

Froggy 100.3 will be at the Walmart on Route 9 in Queensbury on December 11th from 10a - 5p.

Make a difference and purchase a present for a senior in the area!

All gifts will be donated to RSVP, Retirement and Senior Volunteer Program.

Make sure you come out and support a great cause this holiday season!!

Gifts for Golden is brought to you by Adirondack Broadcasting, RSVP, the United Way and Walmart. 

Here are some of the requests from seniors in the area:

One female would like a white or black medium size sweater, a large long sleeve shirt and Werthers original candy

One female would like a 3x size sweatshirt, size 8 slippers and an embrodery kit

One female would like size 12 elastic waist jeans and a medium sized sweatshirt

One male would like an X large polo shirt, size 40 breifs and X large sweatpants

One female would like a medium size button up sweater and ankle socks size 7-8 and size 6 sneakers

One male would like medium sized gloves, winter hat, large sweatpants and large pj bottoms

One female would like size 14 pants, large long sleeve shirts, a large sweatshirt and a jewelery box

One female would like a large button up sweater, ankle socks size 7-8, size 8 underwear and size 12-14 elasic pants

One male would like a razor & shaving cream, size X large boxers, X large pj bottoms, velcro sneakers sizes 71/2-8

One female would like size 3x shirts, socks size 8-10, 3x size pants and bodywash

One female would like size 14 elastic pants, NYC cover up roll on, size 8-10 color socks and jewelery

One female would like a size 32 sports bra, a large sweater, a wolf printl twin size blanket

One female would like size 7 1/2 boots, size 10 pants, size 10 underwear, gloves and body spray

one female would like a hat and gloves set, medium size bathrobe, mooccasin slippers size 8 or 9

One female would like medium size underwear, medium petite size pants, size 8-10 crew socks and a large fleece shirt

One female would like large shirts, size 12 elastic waist pants and a pocketbook

One female would like size 8-10 socks, size 1X shirts, X large size underwear, and an X large zip up fleece

One male would like size 35x32 pants, a large shirt and fruit of the loom underwear size 36

One female would like size 18-20 underwear, a 40C bra, jewelery box and a an X large button up sweater

One male would like a 2x size zip up sweatshirt, a 2x t-shirt (color), size 10-11 slippers and size 10-11 socks

One male would like a size 29x33 pair of jeans, a medium size long sleeve shirt and a medium size pj bottoms

One male would like the Bing Crosby/Bob Hope DVD's and a large sweater

One female would like a battery operated toothbrush, a large button down sweater and bodywash

Also plenty of:

Hand Lotion, perfume,cologne, soap, slipper socks in all sizes for men and women (with grips), baby powder, shampoo, aftershave


Merry Christmas and Thank You from Froggy 107.1!

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