The Biggest Buck belongs to John Durling of Granville! John will receive $250 for Zack's Sports in Round Lake

The runner up is John Taylor of South Glens Falls! John will receive $150 for Mirra's Taxidermy in Wilton!

Than you to all who entered their Buck! We appreciate all of you chossing Froggy 107.1!


Ken McKinney

Ken Mckinney of Corinth

8 points, 165 lbs.

Logan Marino of Fort Edward

14 points, 176 lbs.


Ralph Bryant of Argyle

10 points, 191lbs.


Brad Lyon of Schuylerville

9 points, 150 lbs.

Eric Winter of Queensbury

8 points, 165 lbs.

Mike Brust of Valley Falls

9 points, 193 lbs.

Branden Smith of Lake Luzerne

8 points, 180 lbs.

***John Taylor of South Glens Falls*** (John was the runner up and will receive $150 for Mirra's Taxidermy!!!)

10 points, 210 lbs.

Bill Russell of Johnsburg

8 points, 141 lbs.

Fred Zubal of Lake Luzerne

10 points "20" inch spread, 180 lbs. dressed out


Jay Saville of South Glens Falls

9 points, 170 lbs.


***John Durling of Granville was the BIG winner for "Buck Yeah"! John will receive $250 for Zack's Sports!***

15 points, 260 lbs.


Jarred Hollister of Troy

8 points, 175 lbs.

Andrew Roy of Rutland, VT

8 points, 162 lbs.


Kristin Barss of Saratoga Springs

7 points, 128 lbs.


John Robbins of Hudson Falls

9 Points,  195 lbs.

Everette Fowler of Gabriels, NY

11 points, 180 lbs.


Joyce "Nana" Galick of Schuylerville

8 points, 160 lbs.


Nicholas Sumner of Corinth

9 Points, 200 lbs.

Randy Smith of Scotia

10 points, 185 lbs.


Bill Backus of Lake Luzerne

10 points, 179 lbs.


Logan Perry of Queensbury

8 points, 175 lbs.


George Marshall Sr. of Mechanicville

8 Points, 204 lbs.


Rachel Johnson of Lake George

8 points, 150 lbs.


Justin Stephenson of Mechanicville

8 Points, 180 lbs.


Michael Mullen of  Pawlet, VT

8 Points, 181 lbs. dressed

Michael & Zachary Galcik of Schuylerville

8 points, 175 lbs.


Kevin Fisher of Glens Falls

Spike & 6 Pointer, 135 lbs. each


Edward Rose of Corinth

8 Points, 145 lbs.


Chad Miller of Amsterdam

13 Points, 170 lbs.

Jason Mattison of Queensbury

9 Points, 209 lbs.


Paul Pipino Jr. of Clifton Park

9 Points, 220 lbs. dressed


Jamie Mattison of Queensbury

8 points, 195 lbs.



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